2017 Berlin 35mm

Anaglyph”Shifting the depths of perception” A 3D Fashion experience

July this year I participated in a 3d fashion show experience like no other. I worked with a very creative and talented team of people to make this show possible and produced 3 garments for the show. I also created the models lips in the show.

Anaglyph”Shifting the depths of perception” A 3D Fashion experience

Visuals: Francisco Sánchez de Cañete
Illustrations and prints: Ian Liddle
Collaboration with Raki Fernandez

hair & make-up: Velta Berzina, Anto Christ Yvi Eve

As part of berlin fashion week, a magical catwalk show will be staged, combining cutting edge 3d technology, tailor-made music composition and contemporary fashion.
avant-garde fashion design meets skilled seamstress. a cross-cultural fashion event bringing together generations, nationalities and artistic disciplines.
divided into four parts, the artist’s take the spectator on a visual journey through three-dimensional animated scenery, dynamic portraiture, abstract geometrics and inspiring collage.

Have a look at the Blog post from I <3 Berlin and the amazing gifs they made of the show!

I Heart Berlin

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They are always full of helpful tips, Go to all the coolest parties and have grate taste in the arts and culture of our humble City.

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