1st C.P.

The Colour Parade is an annual event held on the streets and footpaths of Sydney, Melbourne (Australia) and now Berlin, Germany.

The Colour Parade is an artistic statement in the shape of a parade. It is a spontaneous public performance celebrating life, love, art and unity.

The Colour Parade allows people of all ages, shapes, colour’s and different walks of life to gather, get dressed up as their best self, and interact with other people of like mind, heart, and compassion.

The Colour Parade is an expression of self, no matter what the end result may be “It doesn’t matter what you are, it matters THAT you are”.

The Colour Parade creates a network for participants to work with creatively and socially.
The Colour Parade is an opportunity for all creative people to socialize and network in order to build a stronger creative community unit.

The Colour Parade is, for the passive observer, an interventionist artwork. The Colour Parade interjects a display of creativity, joy. compassion, understanding, and acceptance into the general public’s otherwise routine day.

The Colour Paraders are all from all walks of life. Some of them are from different sub cultures that are not seen as the conventional “normal”. This gathering is formed to question WHAT IS THE “normal” and brake free from those stereotypes. To “join the colour parade” is to make a public statement that we may look different but we recognize our diversity as something to unite over. Colour Paraders realise that separated they are nearly powerless yet as a unit they can make real their dreams and create positive change within their community’s.

Just because its called the Colour parade doesnt mean you have to wear colour. Come as those your dressing up in a world where no one is watching you. Come as your ultimate self.

April 2007