Anto Christ is a Maltese-born, Australian-raised artist whose body of work incorporates varying media including crochet, painting, photography, make-up, costume, video, performance and installation. Innovative and experimental, she speaks from a surrealist perspective that presents in psychedelic, shape-shifting forms. Her paintings of multi-layered images, splats and drawn detail come to life before your eyes. Like cloud watching, Anto Christ’s paintings are open to be interpreted differently by each viewer.

Anto Christ is motivated by her desire to break through modern-day boundaries of excessively rational, traditional and conservative thought, resulting in a challenging and thought-provoking quality to her work.

Graduating from COFA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010, Anto Christ’s work continues to evolve. This evolution reveals an ever-changing alternate universe of intricate detail and pure colour explosion. As the creator of her own universe, Anto Christ brings her own fantastical world to life. This can be seen in her original painted characters making their transformation into stunning, painstakingly handcrafted 3-dimensional crocheted creatures.

Most recently, Anto Christ collaborated with fellow artist Casio Ono for her exhibition Outside the Realm of the Natural World. Together they accomplished a visually riveting performance installation, incorporating soft sculpture, musical elements and theatrical storytelling that takes one into the depths of a unique space and time.

In addition to her many artistic endeavours, Anto Christ keeps busy as co-founder and co-organiser of The Colour Parade and The Carnival of Electric Illusions. The Colour Parade has been active annually in Sydney and Melbourne since 2007, with international focus commencing in 2013. Like her performance installations, these events aim to bring people together through an appreciation of colour, open-mindedness and diversity. Anto Christ’s vision operates on directly questioning the status quo and addressing negative values and patterns of thought within society.

Currently based in Berlin, Anto Christ’s distinctively original style is constantly evolving and inspiring others as she brings them together through an active curiosity of the world.

Artist’s CV

Anto Christ
Born, 1985 Malta, raised in Sydney Australia, Resides in Berlin

2006- 2010 • Bachelor of Fine Art, COFA, Sydney, Australia.
2006 • Diploma of Fine Art, Kensington TAFE, Sydney, Australia.

2012 • Resurrection outside the realm of the natural world, Plump Gallery, Sydney, April
2011 • Mind Gardens, Mutations and R/evolutions FabLab, Berlin, Germany, January.
2010 • Evolve Already The Doctor’s Gallery, Sydney, May
2007 • Mutations Of Evolutions Little Oxford Gallery, Sydney, Nov


2015• Adornisim, The Ballery, Nollendorfst 11, Berlin, Germany, August 12th.
2015• External Planes, Kaleidoskop Gallery Boddinstr 7. Berlin , German, Feb 20th.
2014• Pop up Art Gallery Hohenstaufenstraße 60, 10781 Berlin, Germany, April
2013• Home and Housed, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea, Sydney Australia, Jun
2012 • The Colour Parade, Melbourne, February.
2011 • The Superusers – AV Extravaganza Serial Space, Sydney, December
2011• The Glitta Militia Harvest Festival, Parramatta Park, November
2010 ` • Being Born Again Couture Show: National Art School Cell Block Theatre, Sydney, April
2009 • The  Colour Parade, Sydney, Town Hall steps, April
2008 • The Colour Parade, Town Hall steps, April
2007• The Colour Parade, Town Hall steps, April

2010 • Oxford Art Drawing Prize: First place.

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